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The Feast of Saint Nuno de Santa Maria Alvares Pereira


April 1st: Saint Nuno de Santa Maria Alvares Pereira

Religious and Prior of the Order of Saint John of Jeruslem, of Rhodes, and of Malta


He was born July 24, 1360 at Santares, Portugal and he died Easter Sunday, April 1, 1431. He was a cousin of the founder of the Braganza family, the extant royal house of Portugal.

He entered the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and of Rhodes at the age of 23. At the age of 25, while serving King John I as Constable (military commander) he defeated a much larger invading Castilian army, thereby assuring Portugal’s independence.

Renowned in all of Europe as one of the most famous knights of his age, he was Constable (Grand Marshal, military commander) of the Kingdom of Portugal and also Prior of the Order of Saint John in Portugal.

He was outstandingly generous and charitable towards the poor, and in later life became a lay-brother in the Carmelite Order where he was remarkable for his devotion to Our Lady and humbly undertook the meanest of duties.

Saint Nuno (Nonius), you protected a kingdom but also served the lowest. Pray for Our Grand Master and for our Order, for all our members and benefactors and for those whom we strive to  serve.


O God, who called Saint Nuno to lay down the weapons of this world and follow Christ under the protection of the Blessed Virgin, Grant through the intercession of this former member of our Order that we too may deny ourselves and cling to you with all our hearts. Through the same Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns with you an the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

This information was provided by Fra’ James-Michael von Stroebel. Click here to view the complete Calendar of Liturgical Celebrations Proper to the Order.

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