Order of Malta

Naples Area Leadership

Area Hospitaller:
Nancy Matthews, DM
Member since 2012

Fr. George Ratzmann
Member since 2013

Communications Chair: 
Nancy Stec, KM
Member since 2013

Harry Witt, KM
Member since 2010

Membership Chair:  
Gerrie Musicco, DM
Member since 2011

Lee County Hospitallers:
Christine Kroger, DM and Tom Kroeger, KM
Members since 2012

Events Chair: 
Josephine O’Reilly, DM
Member since 2007

Ministry Chairs:

Leo Stec, KM and Joeseph Price, KM
Members since 2013 & 2010

Pat and Donna Musumano & Tom and Josephine O’Reilly
Members since 2008 & 2007

Lourdes Pilgrimage:
Betsy Cogburn, DM
Member since 2011

Defense of the Faith:
Nancy Matthews, DM
Member since 2012

Year of Preparation:

Disaster Relief:
Jean-Paul Musicco, KM
Member since 2011

Order of Malta, American Association, U.S.A.

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New York, NY 10022
(212) 371-1522