Order of Malta

Jeannie & George IrishNYC Area Leadership

Fra John Dunlap H. E. Frà John T. Dunlap: Member of the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta and former Regent of the Sub-Priory of Our Lady of Lourdes. John was invested in 1996 and served as Area Co-Hospitaller until his election to the Sovereign Council in 2009. He remains the Area coordinator for the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. John professed his final vows as a Knight of Justice in 2008
Marietta Tempesta Michael Tempesta, KM and Marietta Tempesta, DM: Area Co-Chairs. Invested in 2011.
Agnes Nolan--Hospitaller  Agnes F. Nolan, DM : Hospitaller. Invested in 1995.
Nicola Tegoni Nicola Tegoni, KM: Area Co-Hospitaller. Invested 2012
Stephen Bujno, KM : Area Treasurer since 2020.  Invested in 2017.
Camille & Rory Kelleher Rory and Camille M. Kelleher: Area Membership Chairs and former NYC Area Chairs (2009-2014). Invested in 2004.  Camille is also coordinator of the Grants Committee and a member of the Board of Councilors of the American Association.

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