Order of Malta


Prison Ministry Apostolate Board


“All of us are invited to encourage, help your rehabilitation,” he said. “All of us have something we need to be cleansed of, or purified from. All of us.” Pope Francis

Mike McGarry, KMOb Co­Chair
Collins Whitfield, KMOb Co­Chair
Robert J. Fredericks, Ph. D., GCMOb Chair Emeritus
Steve Caron, KM ­ American Association

Pope Francis visits inmates at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. September 27, 2015

Joe Feitelberg, KMOb ­ American Association
Craig Gibson, KM, American Association
Marion Glennon, DM ­ American Association
Rich Grimes, KM Western Association
Patrick Portelli, KM ­ Canadian Association
Doug Sandvig, KM  Federal Association
John Santa, KM ­ American Association
Andy Vissicchio, KMOb ­ American Association
Chaplain, Fr. George Williams, S.J., Ph. D., ChM ­ American Association
Nick Yanicelli, KM  American Association


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