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Chaplains’ Corner: Essays & Interviews

This Spirituality section features special interviews and essays from our Chaplains on aspects of our Catholic life and the challenges of choosing to grow spiritually by our membership in the Order of Malta.

The Religious Nature of the Order of Malta

November 27, 2018
Read Frá Richard Wolff's presentation on understanding the religious nature of the Order of Malta. Read More

The Essential Elements of the Spirituality of the Order of Malta

November 29, 2017
The religious nature of the Order of Malta, the family of Malta, must be a reason of pride for each one of us. It is our distinctive mark. Read More

Summer: A Perfect Time for Spiritual Reading

June 1, 2017
If the last spiritual book you read was when you graduated from Catholic school, then you know that you are overdue for some “freshening up.” We change as we grow older. We encounter new situations in life which require us to keep learning how to stay in tune with God’s grace. Read More

Reflections on the Creed

February 28, 2017
When we speak of the charism of the Order, bearing witness to and defending the faith, the truth of the Creed can provide a framework for what it is to which we are giving witness. Read More

Sacramental Care for the Sick

August 2, 2016
This essay is the fifth in the series and the second essay of 2016 of the Chaplains’ Educational Essays. “Sacramental Care for the Sick” was written by Father David V. Skoblow, a Magistral Chaplain and parochial vicar at Our Lady of Peace Church in Fords, NJ. For a member of the Order of Malta, caring […] Read More

The Lourdes Pilgrimage – A Path to Spirituality

March 7, 2016
The first contribution in 2016 to the Chaplains’ Educational Essay series, “The Lourdes Pilgrimage – A Pathway to Spirituality” was written by Father Owen Moran, a Deputy Chaplain and Pastor of Saint Rose of Lima Church in East Hanover, NJ. Father Owen talks about the activities of the Pilgrimage and draws out for our inspection […] Read More

The Eucharist

January 12, 2016
The third essay, “The Eucharist” was written by Father Gregory Fay, a Deputy Chaplain from the Northeast Florida Area. Father Fay discusses the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, an intellectual concept so unique and challenging that many of Christ’s followers walked away, saying this teaching of Jesus was just too hard. This important […] Read More

Service in the Order of Malta

October 6, 2015
The second essay was written by Father Eric Hollas, OSB. Father Hollas is familiar to many Knights and Dames as a Retreat master at Association and Subpriory retreats over the last several years. A chaplain in the Western Association, Father Hollas is well-known and greatly respected for his ability to speak and write on the history […] Read More

The Order of Malta—What does it mean to be a member of a religious lay order?

March 25, 2015
This is the first in a series of instruction from Chaplains of the Order on aspects of our Catholic life and the challenges of choosing to grow spiritually by our membership in the Order of Malta. By Fr. Joseph R. Johnson, ChM “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other […] Read More

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